Slumber Party Watchlist 

1. Brain Damage 

1988/ Dir. Frank Henenlotter

Dreamy Rick Herbst has an Eel-like monster oozing from his brain! Great for a first round of popcorn and serious laughs.  

2. The Dive 

1989/ Dir.  Tristan DeVere Cole

A norwegian action thriller which has a few ear popping moments of horror! Although theres a few Questionable choices by the characters which will have you throwing your slurpees at the screen. 

3. Destroyer

1988/ Dir. Robert Kirk 

After you have surfaced from The Dive you get a real treasure in the Destroyer. Just enough action and more gore than you expected! This one is fun and filled with surprises. This film will revive your movie marathon with a beefy killer running lose in an abandoned prison. 

4. Mortuary 

1983/ Dir. Howard Avedis 

Ugh, Bill Paxton.What a babe. 


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