9/20/17 Horror Slumber Party

Hi there Ghost Babes and Frankenstuds

You are probably asking yourself what are the requirements for a horror slumber party?  Well curious cenobites you’ll need some party favors, some party gossip and munchies. Most importantly you will need FOUR GHASTLY horror movies you can watch within one night. Are you ready? Welcome to Horror Slumber Party!

Brain Damage / 1988
Director: Frank Henenlotter

Dreamy Rick Herbst has an Eel-like monster oozing from his brain! Great for a first round of popcorn and serious laughs.

The Dive / 1989
Director:  Tristan DeVere Cole

A norwegian action thriller which has a few ear popping moments of horror! Although theres a few Questionable choices by the characters which will have you throwing your slurpees at the screen.

Destroyer  1988
Director: Robert Kirk

After you have surfaced from The Dive you get a real treasure in the Destroyer. Just enough action and more gore than you expected! This one is fun and filled with surprises. This film will revive your movie marathon with a beefy killer running lose in an abandoned prison.

 Mortuary  1983
Director: Howard Avedis

Ugh, Bill Paxton.What a babe.

Thanks for reading. I’ll post more later.


Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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