Pros and Cons… Angela V. Angela.


The Sleepaway Camp series for me is the epitome of early 90’s late night horror — just got it from the rental store — slumber party. I absolutely adore the legacy of the Sleepaway Camp series for it’s low production values and horror’s most intriguing mass murderer, Angela Baker. The first in the series (directed by Robert Hilstik) is a notorious horror classic with a twist ending where she has a penis. Oops spoilers.

Unhappy Campers and Teenage Wasteland are the sequels which follow the original film.  Directed by Michael A. Simpson these films lay the foundation for the legend of Angela Baker but also send it to “campy” land. This shot back to back duo do have interesting  sub themes that focus on adolescence, differing bodies, bullying and sexual hijinks but really are camping in a distinctly different universe that the first.  Additionally, with the change in tone they also replaced the original Angela Felissa Rose with Pamela Springsteen.

Sooooo, Per the yo͞oZ a deadly rivalry between two women has been created, who is better, who looks better, who acts better, who fake murder better.  Two angels of death, Angela Baker.  They both have their pros and cons and indeed both are important additions to the franchise. Snooping the internet there was much debate on which one was better. So lets Pro and Con them.


I personally love that there are two different representations of the character. Felissa Rose returned to the series in A Return to Sleepaway Camp playing a disguised male character through the entirety of the film. Butch mustache. It was a clever nod to the first film because the twist ending was a reveal of both disguised gender and identity. It was hard to actually pinpoint cons for these two because I love both of their portrayals. Both are creative killers but I think Springsteen’s Baker edges out because of three notable murders: lawnmower, outhouse drowning and double ax shutdown.

That is if you are judging based on ingenuity of murder style. If you find the timid shy Angela more fascinating then young Angela does take the cake. Her character is engaging as she plays the perfect  representation of shy outcast who  takes revenge.  Unsuspecting and underestimated  We don’t even know she is the killer let-alone a boy until the end. And it is her face, with the chaotic stare that stays lamented in our brains.


We almost had a third Angela — Carrie Chambers.  Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor was supposed to carry the series into a very different direction. It’s plot revolved around a Survivor from one of Angela’s rampages, who, now having amnesia is tossing thoughts around that she could be Angela or that she survived the Sleepaway Camp nightmare.

You always wonder what happened to the final girl of any horror film, whose to say she wouldn’t snap into some sort of amnesiac condition where she was tortured with the possibility of being the killer. Even though I love the plot twist of this proposed film I’m even more head over heels in love with the fact that it totally FLOPPED.  With only one day of prep shooting the company financing the film went bankrupt and any chance of this film completing went into the toilet. Although I’m sure everyone involved with SC4 at the time was pretty annoyed at this, it adds something mythical to the overall series.In that it stabilizes mystery of what could have

So where does this Angela rate?



FOR YOUR INFORMATION ON THE FUTURE OF THE SLEEPAWAY CAMP SERIES: Robert Hilstik is planning to produce the next installment called SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION Michael A. Simpson (director of Part 2 and 3) has also stated that he too is working on a sequel with a paranormal twist.

Hope you enjoyed buds, come back later for some more things.


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Author: Gerald Blanchard

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