Horror Slumber Party Watch List


Dawn of the Dead / 1978 

Dir. George. A Romero

This is a duh addition to any horror watch list. Dawn of the Dead is a legendary zombie horror film from George A. Romero. It is perfect for any horror marathon. You can match it with total shit and it’ll make your night.  It is just so fun to think about what you could do with an entire mall to yourself, am I right?

Howling IV: The Freaks / 1991 

Dir. Hope Perello (Who dis)

That’s Howling 6 for those of you who can’t read roman numerals. That’s OK, it’s not important. What is is that you have a power hour before this movie so you can really enjoy it’s full potential. A power hour is when you take a shot of beer every minute. It’s a total bomb, but it’s fun. It has a purple vampire.

Sabretooth / 2002

Dir.  James D.R. Hickox

This movie is god awful so that means you and your friends after you’ve had a vampire v.s werewolf pillow fight will die with ridiculous CGI giggles. This was definitely on the SCFI channel. But I have a thing for really crappy movies — I need to be better to myself, but it feels so satisfying.  Creature Features are fun too, and I love out there plot lines that have  genetically engineered  extinct carnivores.

Night of the Demons 3/ 1988

Dir. Kevin Tenney

The best Way to round out your slumber party is with some teenagers that fall into trouble at an abandoned funeral parlor — no less.  Night of the Demons 3 is great for some laughs and ridiculously amazing demon make up. I also love girls named Angela.

Come back next week with another list. Remember their just suggestions you can always throw something else into the mix.




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