31 Nights of Horror – Children of the Corn 

Ghouls and Corn loving Child folk!

Welcome to my 31 days of Horror! Halloween is a special time of the year for me where my traditional festive side tingles.  The month of October is a wonderful time of the year to watch the changing leaves, the darkening of the day  and a chance to watch a different spine-tingling horror movie every twenty-four hours. 

For the next 31 days I am going to provide a mega list of horror movies to watch that will lead our tired candy loving feet to the frightful night of Halloween.  Some people celebrate Halloween with candy corn or elaborate costumes — but for me Horror movies define this chilling celebration.

Sit back, gnaw on some miniature candy bars and enjoy the spirit of Halloween! 


  1. Children of the Corn / 1984/ Dir. Fritz Kiersch 

    There is no more perfect way to start this list than with Stephen King’s Children of the Corn! A potential favorite in a “Thanksgiving horror list” this film also works for the fall centered October — see depictions of “crop care”.  Yes horror fans, that is Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame and she’s here to kick some Corn loving kids asses! Just kidding — she plays more of a timid role as Vicky in this film, a spectator, shocked by the events taking place! This is one of my favorite kid-killing movies — and it is relentless in its depiction of violence. It has the perfect vibe for any Halloween movie marathon with the chase scenes in the corn fields, the quiet deserted Gatlin town and ravenous children.

    Children of the Corn plays with our fear of saying NO to children — and more bluntly, could we kill a child if we had to to survive?  Well, if they were acting like the spits in this adaption of King’s short story, it wouldn’t be an issue.  The “Corn” franchise has nine following sequels/remakes/prequels/whatevia that follow after the fateful fall drive. One even stars Naomi Watts! It is an establish horror platform that will continue to have additions — especially with the success of IT we can probably expect to see the corny kids back making sure no adults leave their zealous universe.


    I’m sure as Halloween approaches we are all being forced into “group costume” ideas….well, why don’t your friends and you dress up as the Children from the Corn? Would be cute.  Ya’ll just need some black pants, suspenders, any variety of drab button up paired with a corn sickle and droopy scarecrow hat. Walla! group costume idea completed!

    See you tomorrow kiddies ;).



Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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