Night 2 – Slumber Party Massacre

Well hello again my screaming trolls and caffeinated pre teens! Welcome to Night 2 of my 31nights of horror movies all in celebration of the approaching Halloween! Its a month long countdown to the years scariest night!

I am presenting to you a MEGA list of some of my favorite horror movies to watch during this holiday season!

So sit back, push in the Tape, enjoy some cherry kool-aid with delivery pizza and relax, you are at a horror slumber party for the ages!

2. The Slumber Party Massacre/ 1982/ Dir. Amy Holden Jones

As you probably guessed this horror franchise is one of my favorites! Nothing screams late night shenanigans and horror movie fun like a slumber party massacre! One I love all movies with the word “massacre” in the title and I love Slumber Parties!  The first Slumber Party Massacre is one of the essential horror movies of the 80s. A stylish  slasher with clever nods at growing adolescence.  It has everything you need from a slasher film:  drill kills, strong final girls, chase scenes, dramatic final ending and food sugesstions! Pizza and koolaid anyone? Its a roaring fun film that belongs on any halloween horror list and any slumber party! It spawned two sequels — shockingly no remake– and becomes one of many films with a  killer who uses a unique power tool.


If you need a costume idea and you have a lot of denim then dress up as the driller killer from these films! Soup easy.

Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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