Night 6 – DOUBLE FEATURE – Creepshow & Creepshow 2

Hi anthology enthusiasts

Welcome back to night six of my horror movie countdown! For the entire month of October I will be listing off specially selected horror movies for your viewing pleasure. October is THE month you celebrate the horror genre. I personally love that you won’t be shamed for eating an entire bag of candy corn while you enjoy an eerie flick.

Tonight we have a double feature that will surely keep you and your buddies spooked. We suggest birthday cake and light beer for tonights showings. Sit back and become a blanket baby as we drift off into night six of the 31 nights of horror.


Creepshow / Dr. George A. Romeo W/ Writer Stephen King / 1987 Creepshow 2 Dir. Michael Gornick (Who dis?) W/ Writers George A. Romeo & Stephen King

The Creepshow films are the collaborative effort of George A. Romeo (see definitive living dead filmmaker) and Stephen King (see definitive horror writer). It is definitely a “Creep Show” as the bone chilling tales are the optimum peek at different categories in the horror genre. To establish yourself as the ultimate anthology series you need to have different showcases of the horror genre and in plenty! Creepshow delivers on all levels whether its an oil spill lake monster or vengeful living dead. When you are watching these films you have this constant wonder of what will be coming next as each story ups the absurdity and horror of the last.

As for Halloween Costumes…Well I have comprised a list.

  1. Oil Spill Lake MonsterTarp over your head
  2. Old Wooden HeadMight not want to do, appropriation.
  3. Crate Monster Just put yourself in a crate with some rubber monster hands or something.
  4. Birthday Cakebe the headless woman dressed as a cake
  5. Jordy Verrill Either covered in the parasitic plant or just dumb ol’ hillbilly
  6. Head in the SandLots of sand in lots of bad places
  7. A cock-a-roachHuge nasty bug thing!
  8. Adrienne BarbeauCuz uh, why not
  9. Sea Zombies Lots of green streamers

And the costume we actually really think someone should be this Halloween is the….

THANKS FOR THE RIDE LADY guy.…Because, it needs to happen. Yellow Raincoat, blue beanie with matching turtle neck, covered in blood, mutilated butchered face, with a “Dover” cardboard sign. It is absolutely this years perfect Halloween Costume. Ok, forget that I mentioned it because now it’s mine. But the sexy version…

See you tomorrow ladies



Really annoying that “Creepshow” isn’t a word. Like, yes it is.

Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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