Night 8 – Witchboard 2

Hi teenage boppers,

Oh. I like your seductively tightened white mens button up shirt. Oh? You’re interested in contacting the spirits? Well, lucky you, we have night 8 of the mega horror movie slumber party countdown to halloween! That’s right, 31 nights of horror movies for the month of October

Get ready to contact the spirits, bring snacks.


Witchboard 2 / 1993 / Dir. Kevin Tenney

This is the perfect movie to watch when you first move into a new apartment. Just as you are unpacking enjoy the screams that come from Witchboard 2. The story focuses on a young woman who finds her dream studio apartment. As everyone knows after you sage your apartment you have to use a ouija board to see if any cranky spirits are hanging around.  Soon our young blonde lady is trying to contact the spirits through a Ouija board — and they’re trying to kill her.  It’s a fantastic film from the early 90’s fully capturing the desire for female independence in finding a space their own, it also has some good scares and the fun occult play we came for.


Oh so you and your basic lady friend want to go as a matching Halloween costume. Well for this DIY costume all you need is two white T-shirts, high wasted light faded jeans and an ax. Throw in a ouija board and you got one banging costume. You could go together as the ghost that is trying to possess you and kill you violently with an ax! Clever!

See you tomorrow for big stud of a movie.

Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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