Night 11 – Chopping Mall

Hey Shoppers,

Are you all finding that perfect gift for the honey? Well, look no further than The best mall movie of your god damn life.  Peruse the food court options for your movie and feast pair.  Make sure not to sit by any huge butter whales and enjoy the sight of savage robot killing machines in CHOPPING MALL.

I hope you brought your coupons.

CHOPPING MALL / DIR. Jim Wynorski / 1986

OK. Chopping Mall is not necessarily the scariest horror movie ever made — but lets face it, horror goes BEYOND needing to be scary and can include many other genres. Comedy being one of it’s likely pairs. Chopping Mall is a feast of nostalgia for americana and human experience. Unfortunately we humans like to experience shopping at our finger tips — it could cost you an arm and a leg! Chopping Mall has the usual slash-em set up but this time with murderous – bulky – thunder turned evil robots with really bright neon laser blasts.  This film is a must for any slumber party, in my opinion, and is a favorite to watch around Halloween for those cute Kill-bots.

Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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