Night 20 – Halloween 2 

Welcome back Babysitters,

We’ve rounded an impressive corner this October month! We have reached October 20th. We’ve already seen 19 previous movies scare you out of your seats and out of your popcorn! What does night 20 hold? We’ve seen corn loving kids who love killing adults, werewolves, zombies, hockey mask and leather faces…We’ve even seen, Michael Myers. Well sorry to bore you (or PLEASE YOU) but no Halloween horror movie list is complete without several Halloween movies to make the list. Tonight, I’ve included Halloween 2 for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy the hospital gurney.


Halloween 2 / Dir. Rick Rosenthal (who the?) 1981

What I really like about the sequel to the original trick or treat slasher is that it takes place inside a hospital. I don’t think this gets mentioned enough but it is in the same realm of films like Intruder or Chopping Mall in that it uses its setting as a crutch for basically telling the same story as the previous installment.  And I may get crucified for this but I think Halloween 2 is a better movie that its predecessor.  After all, Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing a god awful wig throughout the duration of the film. Also, the closing sequence is like that perfect comfy pillow on a sunday morning.


Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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