2/19/2018 Horror Slumber Party


Welcome back GHOULIE FIENDS….

A snow dusting caused this INTENSE desire to suffocate myself in dicey ice-y HORROR. I got a bone shattering offering here that’ll have you marathoning all weekend long while you are snowbound. So, heat up that hot chocolate devour a pastry and enjoy the party.

Director: Jamie Blanks

No there is now snow featured in this sweetheart holiday slasher but one look from Denise Richards is enough to issue a winter weather advisory.

MISERY / 1990
Director: Rob Reiner

I love me some Annie Wilkes on a cold February day.  Still cringe at that whole foot scene. Yikes. Who can blame Wilkes though? Paul Sheldon is a babe.

Director: Stanley Kubrick

You will need your second cup of hot chocolate with this film — burr, just watching Shelley Duvall run around in just a robe makes me shiver. IF you’re lucky you maybe can sell your soul for a little alcohol to spice up that hot beverage.

THE THING / 1982
Director: John Carpenter

There is so much tension with this all male cast no wonder they’re all going so stir crazy. Movie is actually spine-tingling. Got me shook.

Hope you enjoyed that. Check back for more, later.

Sorry for the delay in content — been too busy with a monster man. But, I am back ready to give you horror treats and more, lots more.


Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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