VHS side note

Hi, it’s me again.

I realized tonight that I just have to be myself in this film blog of mine. I want to be this sexy Elvira-like host mixed with this hilarious movie snob. I just have to be me. One thing about me that I need to say is that I’m a huge VHS collector. I spend a lot o my time searching for horror VHS tapes. I’ve just loved everything about tapes….since I started renting. It is an extreme hobby of mine….I have over 1000 horror VHS tapes, ranging from classics, bizarro exploitation, slashers, majority of the 90s and the god awful 2000s with hundreds of sub categories within that gigantic bubble. Remember I just love being spooked.

I found Chud just this last weekend in Portland!

So. Additionally, with everything offered on this blog. You may see my VHS gloating

Few thangs about VHS collecting:

1) you should look for most of your tapes in the wild…..but if you need to buy your absolute favorites online….we won’t tell.

2) realize that hunting for tapes is purely a mix of luck and timing.

3) enjoy each movie that comes your way, even if it the shit of the shit (WTF Python 2).

4)every thrift store is worth checking

5) eventually every tape you want will be in your possession

you have got to see the first segment that basically connects cigarette smoking with being killed by a serial killer…great stuff. Also Emilio.

So this is the dawn of a new day and new content. I love horror movies so much and have this huge library of horror titles. Part of the reasons I collect these tapes is because I love analog. Feeling the ripped cardboard, seeing the spool, rewind be kind. In a way I want to archive something that has inspired me since I was a little child.

Get ready for my meaty VHS collection.

Afterthought: Why Yes I did just recently complete my Prom Night series on VHS collection. I found them in this order: Prom Night, Prom Night 3, Prom Night 4 and finally Prom Night 2 Hello Mary Lou. Not my favorites…but I love all the snow play in the fourth installment + the awkward lesbian scenes and oh yeah Jamie Lee Curtis is good to mention too. Enjoy the Horror Slumber Party Mary Lou. It’s actually really cool the sequels title rhymes.

See ya later.

Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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