Sorry for the delay in postings. I get so wrapped up in all the movies I get sidetracked and forget to post… I also work a full time job. Someone’s gotta pay the bills. Cuz Daddy’s not home right now. Just lil’ ol spooky me. Anyway. Let me just give you the goss on my purchases in this VHS UPDATE.

I’ve had some major scores in the last couple of weeks. I think one of my favorite things about living in Portland is that there is access to so many Goodwill Outlets. There is one in Vancouver WA(The Couve!), one in North Portland (Nopo), one in Milwuakie (sellwood) and if you can bare the drive Hillsboro (where I found killer clowns years and years ago). There is also one all the way down in Salem but I didn’t find any there so to me it’s cursed! Bahaha!


With so many outlets this means there are plenty of opportunities to retrieve bounties of VHS hauls. I’m praying often to the VHS lords for some major scores. I conduct witchy spells and do nasty pig sacrifice rituals to summon VHS wealth. Even with all that  there are still many flop hunts. However, I usually  leave with something, even if it’s just a copy of Deep Star Six with a moldy cover.


So far this year I’ve scored Demon Wind one night after work.  This one was a mega WIN for me as it was one that I thought would never appear in the wild. Demon Wind is that late night sleazy popcorn jumper that keeps you entertained till the last scene. I can’t really describe the feeling of when you pull a veiny juicy thick slab from the depths of garbage world. Exhilarating?  I guess I could describe it as  feeling my VHS dominance.  That night I also found a Christopher Walken film called The Demon Within also The Incubus, The Brain and some rando prequel sequel thirdquel Dracula nonsense.


It is all about timing. It is all about who is else is looking for the same thing you are looking for. It is all about destiny. Won’t lie my body tightens up when a new bin comes out and there are VHS piling over.  What will I find? My mind races, I give dirty glances, be careful I might bite. Oh also, be careful not to touch anything wet, it happens often actually. I should get gloves. Note to self: Get gloves. 

Essentially, if the cards are in your fate, you can unearth anything.  VHS hunting lately has been a realization that things are meant to occur as planned. What you find in a given hunt is what you are meant to find. The same is said for in life what happens is meant to transpire. Awe, life lessons through discovering an old analog system of our favorite classics.

What are my emotions when hunting for VHS at the goodwill outlets? Do I get amped up? Oh hell yeah. Do I get pissed? Oh Yeah! But it’s because I want to find them all!  Except those weird copies of nazi slut porn….you can keep that. I also feel a sense of happiness when finding that horror title that I have been looking for. Remember, it’s all connected to being a child again and staying up late with your buds watching some sick twisted shit. And eating rainbow stripes, definitely rainbow stripes.


Recently my discoveries resulted in replacing my Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 case. I watched this third entry so much when I was a kid that the tape snapped. My mom fixed it for me by putting it in a new shell but there is a strange missing piece of film for like ten seconds. The tape used to play after that little jolt of disturbance but after a recent watch I discovered that it just stopped the tape completely.  On this day I also found a full moon feature called Vampire Journals and also some hella erotic thrillers.  Hey! I got a guilty pleasure and it includes steamy almost horror films that go nowhere, with tons of sizzling sex scenes (yuck). I’m all about those 90’s action bods though ;)!

As we approach the last stretch of 2018 I wish I had kept a comprehensive list of what was found as I’m already keeping a list of all the VHS in my collection. I’m nearing 3k VHS tapes….that’s insanity. It also is felt when moving, ouch!  I wonder how long I will go collecting these tapes? My recent pick up of Body Bags was a satisfying entry into the collection, been hagging for that one for awhile. All thanks to that guy with the tattooed eyebrows who offered it to me. The VHS community is lit, let me just tell you. So friendly.


This next year for 2019 I’ll keep a weekly updated list of what is found with pictures! Tonight I just got back from blowing my VHS load at this thrift shop called Hollywood Babylon. Some 90’s fare with Spellbinder. Look everywhere you never know where you will find a VHS!

Hope to write more for you soon ghoulie friends. I know it has been a long hiatus but I’m always scheming up a Horror Slumber Party.

XoxO – G.B


Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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