Tanker Swap – Portland Oregon

This post is a little late…but WHATEVER! Back in April there was this little lovely event called the TANKER SWAP. The titans of VHS hunting around the Portland area came out to DESTROY the competition. Respectively. Me, a kewt and natural home body was going back and forth with if I was going to attend this meeting of the stack collectors.  It was a struggle but the recluse in me gave up and I went OUT and socialized with all the other VHS Hunters. (Sidenote: I’d really love a youtube program where each episode focuses on a different VHS HUNTER and their stomping grounds. Edited in true TLC fashion. )


I arrived a few minutes after the swap meet began.  Gotta be sexy late. My eyes went around the room scanning all the skull punks, retro girls and bearded men standing at their booths.  Sweaty anxiety infiltrated my puffy 80’s jacket and I knew I had to get a beer before I went around and scooped gold. I ordered a Rainer on tap. That one beer was certainly enough as it lasted my entire go around of the swap. I felt warm and fuzzy and not just because I was scoring decent VHS finds.


The one thing that I love about the VHS community and additionally the horror community is that we are all giant big nerd kids at heart! We love slumber parties, nachos with tons of cheese and watching our favorite late night slashers (or supernatural, mummy fanfic, gore trash WHATEVER). I can’t help but enjoy everyone’s company as I see all the people that I know on Instagram and at the goodwill trash outlets.  We are all truly a fun bunch of…randos. That’s it.

Here is the haul that I received from the Tanker Swap! I did better than I expected! I will have to venture out of my comfort zone and go back. The only FLOP was the Terror Within was actually its sequel. Thanks weird goth girl who overprices her tapes…

Until Next time!




Author: Gerald Blanchard

Writer, filmmaker, daily food eater, gay horror blogger.

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