About the Host


Welcome to my HORROR SLUMBER PARTY! I am your playful slumber party host who is both creepy and cute. I LOVE horror movies! So much so that I created this blog.  I love being scared — especially in my pajamas with a bunch of friends!

I have been having Horror Slumber Parties since I was a kid. I would return from the video store with hours  of scares! I would stay up late watching  blood-gushing scene after blood-gushing scene. Totally lost in the movies.  Even today I still watch new and old horror movies in the same mindset that I get to stay up all night and party.   The horror genre has followed me everywhere in life, especially into my work, that it just makes sense to ignite the beginning of this project.

This is much more than a blog but rather a destination for your frenzied horror desires.  This slumber party will have movie reviews new and old, horror news, gossip, art, film events, interviews, fiction, food suggestions, contests, real horror stories and introductions to unknown realms of horror(more of that later). All curated by yours truly. I hope you enjoy.

Hopefully you brought some snacks — I prefer those ooey gooey strawberry splash gushers with a SODI and some flavored popcorn. Any flavor will do darling. After all you can’t have a horror slumber party without some snacks!

Horror Slumber Party is a blog created by Gerald Blanchard. It is for HORROR fans of all types and sleeping arrangements.

Gerald wants to create a thriving community of horror enthusiasts and creators.  Yes…. there will always be new suggestions, hunks, treats and much more…. but soon the sites goal is to move toward creating new horror film content.

Moving pictures.

The only way to bring horror movies back to the fans is to create a hub for them to communicate and share together.