Scfi fare for a horror slumber party

I was clearly in a must-see violent parasitic alien invasion mood. These four scfi horror films will rightfully make you paranoid for the safety of your body.  Aliens want our flesh, its hot, its supernatural it will likely explode out of your chest. Scfi Horror films are some of my favorite late night food binge... Continue Reading →


Night 20 – Halloween 2 

Welcome back Babysitters, We've rounded an impressive corner this October month! We have reached October 20th. We've already seen 19 previous movies scare you out of your seats and out of your popcorn! What does night 20 hold? We've seen corn loving kids who love killing adults, werewolves, zombies, hockey mask and leather faces...We've even... Continue Reading →

Night 16 -Howling 2

My dear lycanthropes! Did you all know that I just LOVE sequels? Particularly the second entry in the series -- it is often beaming with the energy from the first film.  Although Howling 2 loses some of the masterfulness of the original it creates it's own atmosphere and lore. There are some great things going... Continue Reading →

Night 15 – The Funhouse

Hi curious freak lovers, Just as you were wondering if I have a thing for Stephen King you start to realize my infatuation with horror master Tobe Hooper.  He's often regarded as the one who lost his touch as his newer films are not as perfect as his previous resume entries. I'm not one of... Continue Reading →

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