Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Mystery

Color, 99 Minutes

Director: Neal Sundstrom

Notable Stars: Phil Davis

There is a unique charm to this low budget Howling sequel. Although the film says it is based on the novels it is only a sequel by name. It goes into an entirely different path – that of a castle party nightmare! This one is so fun to watch in a made for TV sort of way. It has a great cast of characters and it fits more in line with THE BEAST MUST DIE or BLACK WEREWOLF as it’s a murder mystery who-is-the-werewolf type of movie. If you like movies with weather events like vicious snowstorms that trap people in an abandoned castle then this is right up your alley. The setting adds a shiver to your spine. Additionally, identifying who the werewolf is amongst the ensemble becomes difficult if you let your guard down. When I first viewed I was truly shocked by the ending and that is another prestigious moment of this film that smirky ending. All in all it’s some hairy fun for your slumber party nights.

Found: This particular copy was sourced at Variety Records.

Tagline: The Beast Returns!

Slumber Parties: #werewolves #sequels #mystery #snow


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