EVOLVER (1995)

EVOLVER (1995)

Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Scfi

Color, ! Hr, 31 Minutes

Director: Mark Rosman

Notable Stars: John de Lancie

I recently saw M3GAN in the movie theater and it reminded me of several other machines-gone-bad horror movies. EVOLVER came to mind first because it shares a lot of similarities with having kids involved with toys that have technological advances. In EVOLVER it all stars innocent enough with an arcade game. It then EVOLVES into a home version game with an actual Robot that you compete against. Like M3GAN it’s fun and games at the start but quickly changes to TERROR! This sub genre focuses on our fear of technology replacing humanity. Even since the 90s we have been afraid of what robots could become! Additionally, if you live in fantasy land then this movie could totally be a sequel to CHOPPING MALL (another good robot movie). You absolutely should check out one of the grand daddies in the killer robot genre.

Found: Yard Birds


Slumber Parties: #robots #machinesgonebad #arcade #90s


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