R.O.T.O.R (1987)

R.O.T.O.R (1987)

Main Genre: SCFI

Sub Genre: Action

Color, 1 Hr, 30 Minutes

Director: Cullen Blaine

Notable Stars: Yikes no one really made it out of this movie…

A bit of a ROBOCOP queer alternative where it is another case of machines gone bad! Remember “Robot horror” is all about the technology improving its own AI and going into murderous rampages. This film is about a prototype cop robot that will fight criminals – but it backfires. The technology goes berserk and instead of saving lives it takes them! Through lighting and cinematography the film glares with a queer lens. One scene in particular, the very Tom of Finland cop comes through a heavenly lit door with their gigantic body covered in leather gear, plays like a scene from any cop leather fetish bar. They also have a mustache and wear a uniformed helmet. HELLO. Men across America want that. It’s a Daddy Cop kind of vibe. Who are we kidding? The VERY inclusion of that bulky female bodybuilder is just the icing on the gay cake. This movie is gay asf and actually gets better when you view it through that mindset.

Found: Yard Birds


Slumber Parties: #scarycops #queerlens #machinesgonebad


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