Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Evil Relatives

Color, 1 Hr, 32 Minutes

Director: Andrew Lane (directed Mortal Passions)

Notable Stars: Brian Bonsall (Blank Check), William Katt, David Keith

Desperate Motive is solidly made and fits right in with the evil relative sub genre. However, it loses some of its thrilling steam at the end when the one of the cousins has to use the wife to withdraw money from a bank account, so they can buy a house? The latter is hilarious but it actually stops the movie cold. While I see what the creators were trying to do which was create a suspenseful “what if” situation, it flops. I will give it to them though they set one of the evil ones on fire and it was a long time coming! The Blank Check kid shows up in this and is in another weird situation with an older woman, this time her covered boobs are in his face. It was really fun up until it fizzled. Check it out if you’re bored.

Found: Variety Shop

Tagline: When cousin Harry comes to visit….there’s no escaping the terror.

Slumber Parties: #evilrelatives #mentallyill #familythriller

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