Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Witches

Color, 1 Hr, 32 Minutes

Director: Dario Argento

Notable Stars: Jessica Harper

Suspiria is so femme. It’s a wonder that this techno colored beauty is one of the scariest films in existence with its rainbow lights and ballet school setting. It’s so violet and It’s so unassuming; DANCE SCHOOL – a place of uncontrollable evil! The film plies you right into the tension with the chase through the woods. Yet it also lures us in with the need to get out of the rain which gloomily welcomes the main performer. It’s a mystery at its core and that is what intrigues the viewer to stick around for the madness. To discover who or WHAT is killing the girls and how this rigid ballet school is at the center of it all. It has been said before and will be said again, this film is a work of art. However, let’s appreciate it’s truly terrifying moments! It builds tension and wallops you! The last ten minutes are truly frightening especially if you’ve paid enough attention throughout. That snore! It is a must watch for film lovers.

Found: Yard Birds around 2013

Availability: Uncommon

Tagline: The only thing more terrifying than the last 10 minutes of this film are the first 90!

Slumber Parties: #witches #italianhorror #dance


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