Night 14 – Salems Lot 

You are probably wondering how many damn Stephen King movies are going to be on this list. Well I'm not going to tell you -- all I can say is that Stephen King is a imbedded name in the horror genre that will always have a major influence. His stories have created not just hundreds... Continue Reading →


Night 13 – Friday the 13th Part 3

Oh my happy campers, That was a Sleepaway Camp reference. Which could still wind itself up on this list ....spoilers? Maybe, but are you following any how? Friday the 13th actually happened in Halloween this year. For that perfect stormy Friday The 13th in the month of Halloween I've included the third entry from the franchise... Continue Reading →

Night 12 – Intruder

I guess you didn't get enough of shopping. Because you came back for the best god damn super market movie of your life.  That's right. In our countdown to Halloween we've included the late night supermarket slasher INTRUDER. As all of us know there are countless options in a supermarket for food. So, your pal... Continue Reading →

Night 11 – Chopping Mall

Hey Shoppers, Are you all finding that perfect gift for the honey? Well, look no further than The best mall movie of your god damn life.  Peruse the food court options for your movie and feast pair.  Make sure not to sit by any huge butter whales and enjoy the sight of savage robot killing... Continue Reading →

Night 10 – Halloween 4

Trick or Treat it's me again.... I'm just going to warn you that there will be a few "Halloween" movies on this list. You can't really have a mega horror slumber party Halloween themed list without the Halloween franchise. Whether it's Michael Myers or killer robots to Jamie Lee Curtis or Danielle Harris (she's racist!)... Continue Reading →

Night 9 – Rawhead Rex 

Hi buddies, Wow, I feel like a wilting farmer who is ready to release a demon from the gates of hell. We've made it to night 9 of this mega horror movie slumber party countdown! That's right night 9 of 31 in a celebration of Halloween!  I am exhausted from making this list much like... Continue Reading →

Night 8 – Witchboard 2

Hi teenage boppers, Oh. I like your seductively tightened white mens button up shirt. Oh? You're interested in contacting the spirits? Well, lucky you, we have night 8 of the mega horror movie slumber party countdown to halloween! That's right, 31 nights of horror movies for the month of October Get ready to contact the... Continue Reading →

Night 7 – The Mutilator

Hi Beach Bums, I went down to the beach this weekend so my update came a little late. I've been inspired by the ocean waves and the distant call of the seagulls with my next selection in night seven of my mega movie halloween countdown. 31 movies, 21 nights of horror! I hope you brought... Continue Reading →

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