Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Crime

Color, 87 Minutes

Director: Dick Richards

Notable Stars: Peter Billingsley

Before phones and the internet you just watched television and went to the movie theatre. Additionally, if you were a child watching television your memory was like a goldfish and had no list or remembrance of the films you watched. Death Valley is one of those films for me that I had to use the power of the internet later to find out what it was. I knew it had the little kid from a Christmas Story and I knew it had a twisty twin twist so those were my keywords. Luckily for me IMDB exists and you could quickly find this movie based on the actor. This is a late night gem and is actually spooky ASF. The twist confused me at first but when it sank in it was like one of those mic drop moments. It’s great for a desert movie or if you want to go down memory lane, like me.


Found: Purchased online.

Tagline: “Not even a scream escapes”

Slumber Parties: #crime #twintwist #deserts


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