Main Genre: Slasher

Sub Genre: Musical Comedy

Color, 87 Minutes

Director: Deborah Brock

Notable Stars: Crystal Bernard Heidi Kozak Haddad

This is a beloved sequel in the horror universe. It cleverly combines elements of the first film with that of Nightmare on Elm Street vibes to create it’s own unique slasher entry. Nightmare At the Slumber party? Oh snap!

There is a lot to latch onto and love about this movie especially the performances from the cast, they are all having fun with their characters. Something that I always forget is it it’s a musical. From the girls performing in the band to the flamboyant guitar driller killer. Spoilers: it turns out the events of the movie are really just the insane delusions of original massacre survivor Courtney. She’s just in the loony bin and all of the terror are her own delusions! That girl is FUCKED! The twist ending reflects the overall theme of the movie, as subtle notions of female perception are scattered throughout. Thus, the reveal of the twist references society’s willingness to believe women about the truth. Women are often not believed, called crazy and their opinions locked away for them to scream alone! The Slumber Party franchise is intelligent and uses the horror genre itself to pinpoint expectations of women in our world. Even the psychopaths weapon of choice, a drill, references penetration. A large portion of the film focuses on Courtney wanting to lose her virginity but afraid of the aftermath of the act occurring. We’re all afraid of what will be left… The slumber party massacre series is a game changer in the slasher genre as it challenges the gender identity roles portrayed in a large percentage of horror films.


Found: The cut box has been in my collection since I was a teenager (actually found at Yard Birds circa 2003). The second copy was found at a goodwill in Chehalis, Washington.

Tagline: “The Party Begins When The Lights Go Out!”

Slumber Parties: #slashers #sequels #music


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