Main Genre: Erotic Thriller

Sub Genre: Evil Relatives

Color, 84 Minutes

Director: Gary Graver

Notable Stars: Erik Estrada (I guess), Rachel Vickers (Raven), Monique Gabrielle

Monique Gabrielle who stars in a lot of our favorite horror movies from the late 80s/early 90s(Evil Toons, 976-Evil 2, Hard to Die) headlines as the misunderstood nutcase Angel. Basically Angel is some lost step daughter of this guy who she calls daddy and she’s come back to stay with him, cause mommy is dead! The story also tries to weave another sub plot around Erik Estrada, and his part in the movie is important but you forget about him because of the explicit sex scenes. This is the epitome of erotic thriller; the movie creates a successful tension but also borders on soft core pornography. There are true strokes of genius coming out of this movie but are not explored as much as the erotic sex scenes. Erotica is the genre this film lives in and for most erotic films the focus is on the sex, so it is forgiven. However, those few moments of Angel stabbing, screaming, talking to herself and arranging her quirky creepy dolls at the dinner table really twinkle. Like all the boobs you see in this film.


Found: Variety Records in portland Oregon

Tagline: “She makes love like an Angel. Then Moves in For the Kill. . ”

Slumber Parties: #eroticthriller #evilrelatives #investigation


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