Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Investigation

Color, 90 Minutes

Director: Walter Grauman

Notable Stars: Michelle Greene, Louise Fletcher

If you need a dose of 90s stars then this satanic cult mystery slasher is knocking on your hotel room door. This is your usual journalist falls too deep into a news story and they discover sinister happenings sub genre. It has an excellent build up to the end where the terror of what is on the 13th floor is realized. It’s shockingly good for a made tv movie for the 90’s. At the time made for tv movies lacked a supershine of a feature length film released in theaters. It’s almost like buying a brand new flanel button up from the store rather than the same looking one at a thrift store. However, this must have slumber party favorite is MUST SEE TV!


Found: Purchased online in a lot of horror VHS tapes that had damage to covers.

Tagline: “Scream Bloody Murder. While you still can. ”

Slumber Parties: #investigation #cults #mystery #journalist

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