Main Genre: Zombies

Sub Genre: Horror Comedy

Color, 91 Minutes

Director: Dan O’ Bannon

Notable Stars: Clu Galager, Linnea Quigley, Thom Matthews, James Karen

Aa a kid I used to watch this movie on a pre recorded VHS that had Multiplicity play right after. These two movies are weirdly double features in my slumber party lexicon. Who doesn’t love a good mix of Michael Keaton and ZOMBIES?!! I think the audible “Brains” is forever stuck in my head, brilliant use of sound. Actually throughout the soundtrack is party-ville. This is set up like any other horror slasher – BUT- it’s a zombie movie, so anything is possible. It has hottie and usual dumbie Thom Matthews starting a new job at a sketchy medical warehouse facility. Turns out they have bodies in the basement that can reanimate and they’re horny for your brain matter. Also, I will always be afraid of Tar Man.


Found: Gift from my honey boo.

Tagline: “A Movie that gleefully wants to go all the way in its depiction of voracious gore”

Slumber Parties: #zombies #comedy #graveyard #parties

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