Main Genre: Prison Thriller

Sub Genre: Slasher

Color, 90 Minutes

Director: Philip Marcus (director of Taken Alive)

Notable Stars: Aldo Ray

If you think about it this movie is a meta horror sequel to Escape From Alcatraz. It follows Frank Morris – played by potbelly Aldo Ray– as he comes back to Alcatraz to find a secret he left behind years ago. The movie starts out like a prison drama and transforms into a horror slasher when Morris is interrupted by San Francisco tourists. This part of the film is fascinating because it’s clear that these characters have nothing to do with the main plot they just get involved and suffer the consequences. There are the usual slasher tropes and a lot of racist language so prepare for that. However, beyond it’s downfalls it is a fun part of the movie and a good addition to your slumber party nights. The end of the film, then returns to the style of the first ten minutes, to discover how Frank Morris uses the secret hidden on Alcatraz to get filthy rich. The ending has twist revenge shocker and it is to be expected in these type of prison movies. Honorable mention is Frank Morris’ bimbo wife who shows up at the start and end and she’s a hoot.


Found: Yard Birds circa 2002. This tape was in my childhood collection and then when I was older I tried making art from it. Insert clown emoji.

Tagline: “Where Escape From Your Fears…Has No Parole”

Slumber Parties: #prison #unofficialsequel #slasher


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