Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Crime Thriller

Color, 98 Minutes

Director: Robert Resnikoff

Notable Stars: Lou Diamond Philips, Tracy Griffith (Sleepaway Camp 3)

I slept on this one for a long in my VHS collection before finally giving it a chance. There’s something about a bad cover that can be a total turn off and the generic Lou Diamond Philips cover was basic…so I hit pass… I’m glad I got over my judgmental attitude and tuned into this intelligent 90s suspense thriller set in L.A with a criminal psychic subplot because it’s made extremely well and will keep your attention. It gave me Silence of the Lambs vibes but with a supernatural twist.


Found: Yard Birds

Tagline: “Satan has created the perfect killer. One whoo cannot be stopped. Be warned”

Slumber Parties: #serialkillers #crime #psychics


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