Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Psycho Thriller

Color, 1 hr 30 minutes

Director: Tim Ritter

Notable Stars: AJ McLean

Clever use of the game “Truth or Dare” in this appropriately titled psycho thriller. Sub Title is “Critical Madness. It all centers around a man who walks in on his wife cheating. He gets so bent out of a shape about it that he goes insane. The character is so mad that he dares himself to self mutilate his body which sends him into the loony bin and out several times. This was actually more of a slow burn than expected but it delivers with gore and moments of pure insanity. This movie actually pairs well with another cheating spouse thriller called The Dentist. You could have a movie marathon about men who go nuts over cheating women! OVERALL this movie is a must watch. This movie also takes a popular twist ending from NightHawks and twists that wist itself which I thought was super impressive. Side Note: AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys is in this (as a child) but I didn’t notice.


Found: Birthday Present

Tagline: It’s Time to Play.

Slumber Parties: #selfmutilation #sov #cheatingwives


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