Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Heist Horror

Color, 1 hr 23 Minutes

Director: William Wesley

Notable Stars: crickets

SCARECROWS is a must in anyones VHS library. FYI spooky ghouls there is an unrated and a rated copy. The unrated copy has more gore and therefore makes more sense without the bogus cuts. This movie is the pre “From Dusk Till Dawn” in that it 360s its plot from heist to horror. This movie has such a chilling atmosphere with the abandoned farmhouse, the sinister cemetery and thick woods that gets your goose pimples popping. It is not to to be compared to the more modern “Scarecrow” movies where they go to palm springs and other ridiculous settings. This film is an actual serious attempt at creating a new dimension in horror. If you want some other samplings from the director he was also behind the camera for an episode of Monsters called “The Maker” and also directed the Lou Diamond Phillips 666 which has similar parallels to Scarecrows.


Found: Online

Tagline: Trespassers will be violated

Slumber Parties: #scarecrows #heisthorror #zombies


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