ZOMBIE (1979)

Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Zombies, duh

Color, 1 hr 31 Minutes

Director: Lucio Fulci chefs kiss

Notable Stars: Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch,

This might as well be up at the top with Night of the Living dead as an originator and example of excellence in the Zombie genre. It’s so good on the surface but ZOMBIE really challenges the viewer with its slow pace and the 50/50 mix of Italian and English speakers where the audio is not synchronized perfectly.

The Zombi-Dawn of the Dead sequel universe is also a confusing one. There are releases of this movie called Zombi II, there is also the italian cut of Dawn of the Dead named ZOMBI. Throw in the oddly named sequels and the Return of the Living Dead franchise and you have a complicated web. This movies original release title was Zombie II but it is not a sequel to anything. Back in the 80s Studios were money hungry and sequels were HOT so without Fulci’s permission they marketed it as a sequel, even though the film was written before Dawn of the Dead and was a voodoo action thriller. The scenes that take place in New York were added once Dawn become a huge success. I’ve always felt there was a strange disconnect from the start of the movie form the middle part and even the ending! The zombies on the island are modeled off Hatian and Caribbean legends and that really makes this stand out from other zombie films of the time.

Strange fact: The films main title is a remix of the theme from the soundtrack of Godzilla (1977) The more you know!


Found: Goodwill Outlet


Slumber Parties: #zombies #scaryislands #italianhorror


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