When I started Horror Slumber Party I always wanted this project to become something extraordinary. I wanted this website to become a new playground for horror fans to connect with the genre and enjoy movies together. I never knew it would evolve into this exploration of discovering joy through movies. I always seem to promise something coming and then a year passes and it’s still not here. This time is different. I’ve focused myself on this campy showcase featuring a demonic cast that reflects my childhood video renting habits. It’s a crash of comedy culling from the talents of horror hosts like Elivra or Joe Bob Briggs. It’s a spoof of the genre and brings the films in conversation with each other. I have been developing this short series for awhile now and will be in production, which will also incorporate recording footage and audio from your favorite VHS tapes. This project is geared toward horror fans, vhs community and wacky experimental audiences. I can’t wait for you to see.

The other things I have been doing during this time while in pre production for Horror Slumber Party are hunting for VHS tapes, writing and creating art. I have found several large hauls over the last few months with a lot of WOW moments. Additionally, I vended at a VHS swap in Portland, Oregon at Hollywood Babylon. It was fun to connect with other VHS and horror fans alike through a shared love of film and slumber parties. I can’t wait to show the community even more with the arrival of the show with what I have been writing and creating for the horror slumber party show.


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