THE PREY (1983)

THE PREY (1983)

Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Slasher

Color, 80 Minutes

Director: Edwin Brown

Notable Stars: Jackie Coogan

Inexperienced campers hike into an idyllic summer camping adventure which of course turns into a nightmare! On their way to Northpoint, a climbing spot, six “students” become the prey of a vengeful burn victim. This movie uses a lot of generic stock footage of animals mixed with incoherent moments of the campers for a truly unique horror experience. It is one of my slumber party faves, in particular; for the last twenty minutes or so, when the two final girls are left and one flings into a tree via a hunting trap. We see the killer for probably 10 seconds at most. Super fun!

Tagline: It’s not human, and it’s got an axe! (Which is actually a lie because it’s a burned human doing the slashing)


Slumber Parties: #slashers, #camping #burnedpsychos


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