Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Anthology

Color, 92 Minutes

Director: Brian Peck

Notable Stars: Sean Astin, Clu Gulager

It’s a camp out in the backyard type of night when you want to watch The Willies. A Slumber Party MUST – this anthology delivers the thrills and chills and laughs to entertain your buds all night. There’s a lot of goofy horror in the first part and seeing Both stories are unique for a double feature. Many will adore the bathroom monster slasher at the elementary school over the bug loving Gordy genetically modified manure strange-fest – but both compliment each other well for their focus on kid dramas and torments.

Side Note: The story about the monster in the bathroom was a short film made in 1985 by Brian Peck, everything else was shot later.


Found: I bought this online and the tape’s sound no longer works. It also comes in a blue variety, if I find that variant I’ll post it.

Tagline: If you want to see a Cute, Nice, Sweet Little Movie…RENT SOMETHING ELSE!

Slumber Parties: #anthology #campfirestory #monsters


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