Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Zombies

Black and White, 96 Minutes

Director: George A. Romero

Notable Stars: Duane Jones

Grave sight seeing leads to a claustrophobic nightmare in a farmhouse with zombies pounding on the outside – TRYING TO GET IN! This is a staple in any horror fans viewership of the genre. It is a black and white paragon. The cast is full of professionals and masterclasses. Duane Jones in particular the unpredictable hero of the night. He survives until the end, only to be mistaken for a zombie and killed. Oops, slumber party spoilers. It’s a shock ending that M. Night desires. This one is also terribly bleak because there are no survivors, leaving the viewer wondering their own survival in a zombie apocalypse. It’s legendary, as all zombie films aspire for this films unique magic.

Super Common (however with VHS collecting it’s a fun game finding the copious amounts of alternate releases)

Quotable: “They’re coming to get you Barbara.”

Slumber Parties: #zombies #cemetery #nosurvivors


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