Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Paranormal Slasher

Color, 2 Hours

Director: Roger Evans

Notable Stars: sad violin

Forever Evil is this movie that I watched as a kid one slumber party night and forgot the name of – flash forward 10 years and with the aide of the internet — I had this nostalgic dream back in my viewing pleasure. The things I remembered about this movie were: starts off as a backwoods massacre , a woman in a blue dress, a dead woman hung upside down, everyone freaks out and all this DRAMA happens in the first part of the movie. THEN the film transforms into this paranormal investigative discourse. Whew, was it just a day dream? I put this description into an old IMDB forum and someone helped me find this classic. It’s such an odd movie because it starts off so quick with the slasher elements and then becomes this drone of a talk fest about some ancient evil baddie Yog Kothag. It’s worth a watch or two or five in my VCR for the nostalgia alone. It has Evil Dead hints here and there but I think because it is so badly homaged it’s charming.

Side Note: This movie shows up on the television screen in The Last Slumber Party. Another horror banger.


Tagline: It is evil Beyond Time and Imagination…Forever Watching….Waiting….Killing!

Slumber Parties: #slashers #paranormalinvestigation #rituals *zombies


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