Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Witch stuff

Color, 88 Minutes

Director: Mark Woods

Notable Stars: sad violin

Ah yes the much awaited sequel to Witchcraft, Witchraft 2: The Temptress. Back in the day there was an obsession in the late 80s regarding witches. See WitchBOARD and WitchTRAP for proof. Everyone please welcome the behemoth franchise WITCHCRAFT! It’s on the sleeve of erotica mixed with loopy dreamy acting and the hi-jinks of witchery. This franchise has 16 direct video releases, so that tells you what you’re getting into with this sequel. It’s actually a little more interesting that the first with a few good moments of terror which then becomes gobbled up by sexual numbers. What makes Witchcraft 2 stand out from the rest? That blonde bombshell witch, she makes the film. It’s a good watch if you’re trying to go to sleep or become aroused.


Tagline: “ The Ultimate Evil Continues”

Slumber Parties: #witchstuff #sequels #sexhorror


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