Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Mystery

Color, 89 Minutes

Director: Jim Makichuk

Notable Stars: *sad violin*

If you have the urge to feel cold or go to the snowy mountains or pull out that stylish ski jacket then this movie will give you all you need. It’s kind of a Shining rip off but only because the setting takes place at an abandoned lodge in a winter wonderland. It’s more than a rip off and a unique atmospheric creepy gem. The plot is simple; snowmobile riding partiers get snowbound on new years eve at a spooky old hotel that has a creepy caretaker. Get those cozy blankets and the hot cup of hot cocoa because you’ll need it for Ghost keeper.

Side Note: Production runs out of funds for this chiller and the director started making things up instead of canceling production which explains why the plot drabs on and the flesh eating monster is not to be seen.


Found: Hollywood Babylon in Portland, Oregon.

Tagline: Who Next Becomes The Keeper Of The Beast That Lives On Human Flesh?

Slumber Parties: #newyears #snowbound #mountains

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