THE WIND (1986)

Main Genre: Horror

Sub Genre: Thriller

Color, 892 Minutes

Director: Nico Mastorakis

Notable Stars: Meg Foster, Wings Hauser, Steve Railsback, Robert Morley (All Star Cast)

The film opens up with the main character Sian telling a drawn out Pinnocio and Jesus joke. If you can make it past the lovey dovey blimp stuff in the first five minutes then you will be pleasantly surprised by this windy thriller. It’s perfect to watch on those stormy nights and it fits well in any psychopath or retreat gone wrong slumber party. Meg Foster does a great job as the writer looking to getaway and create their next novel. Because she is a writer and is writing on her retreat the film sometimes makes an illusion to her writing this grand murder book. Wings Hauser is slumber party spoilers the disgruntled american who kills Robert Morley’s kingpin penguin like character. This starts the madness and the film never lets up. Don’t hit snooze but make sure to close the shutters. One of my favorite scenes is when Morley and Foster are walking around the villa and they stop, they have this really poignant conversation about ghosts and memories of the past – meanwhile the wind pushes the shutters in the background, super meaningful!


Found: Packwood Flea Market

Tagline: She is about to write the most terrifying thriller of her career…if she lives long enough.

Slumber Parties: #retreatgonewrong #stormynight #psychopath


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